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Geotechnical Engineering applies the sciences of soil and rock mechanics, geology and other related disciplines to engineering design and construction.
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The senior staff at EGL have a broad range of training and experience in the disciplines of engineering geology, geotechnical and earthquake engineering, water resources and civil engineering and have worked on numerous projects throughout New Zealand and overseas. We recognise the importance of establishing the appropriate geological model in conjunction with geotechnical investigations for use in design.

Our capabilites include the use of computer software for analytical work including slope stability (Slope/W), deformation (Sigma/W), seepage modelling (Seep/W), seismic analysis (Quake/W and Shake) and dam break analysis (Boss Dam Break). We also run CAD programmes such as Auto Cad and 12D as drawing and design tools.

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  • Mining
    EGL has been involved with mining projects in New Zealand, Australia, New Caledonia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Philippines, Africa and Eastern Europe. Our clients range from small to large international mining corporations.
  • Dam Engineering
    EGL has a highly experienced team specialised in dam engineering. EGL has partnered with local authorities, commercial and private landowners and mining companies to design and construct reservoirs for various applications.