Dam Engineering

EGL has a highly experienced team specialised in dam engineering. EGL has partnered with local authorities, commercial and private landowners and mining companies to design and construct reservoirs for various applications.

EGL has carried out the investigation, design, preparation of drawings, specifications and contract documents, contract supervision and administration for over 50 water storage dams and HDPE lined ponds (up to 40m in height) throughout New Zealand. For a number of these projects, EGL has also undertaken hydrological and flood hazard studies to assess the Potential Impact Classification (PIC).

EGL has particular expertise in the design, operation, monitoring and surveillance dams with Medium/High PIC in New Zealand. EGL has undertaken a number of independent and peer reviews of dams. Staff have also been part of Peer Review Panels for water storage dams in New Zealand and Australia.
We have investigated and reported on a number of dam failures and incidents for owners, insurers and consultants. EGL has undertaken SEED and comprehensive dam safety evaluations, seismic assessments, safety and performance reviews for a large number of dams throughout New Zealand, including large water storage dam projects in the North and South Islands.

The two directors of the firm, Dr Trevor Matuschka and Eric Torvelainen, have broad geotechnical experience including design and construction of embankment dams for water and tailings storage. Dr Matuschka also has specialist expertise in seismic analysis. He's undertaken numerous specialised seismic studies (seismic hazard, liquefaction, slope stability) in New Zealand and overseas (Australia, United States, Canada, Indonesia, Laos, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea) for a range of projects including nuclear power plants, offshore oil platforms, dams and mining projects. Dr Matuschka is currently the Chair of New Zealand Society on Large Dams (NZSOLD) and a member of the Management Committee.

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