Expert Advice

The senior staff at EGL are frequently called on to provide expert opinion and technical evidence and can help you with your project or case.

We have acted as geotechnical advisors and reviewers for councils, asset owners and insurers and have often provided review and advice in relation to consenting, design and litigation on a variety of different projects.

Our advice is often sought to review insurance claims for damage, which are often complex. We have undertaken many investigations to establish the cause and responsibility of geotechnical related failures including damage to buildings due to slope failure, foundation settlement, collapse of dams and failures of retaining walls.

We can present expert evidence for your project, having had experience presenting at Resource Consent hearings, arbitrations and at the High Court.

We have undertaken many independent design reviews of dams and water related projects and are appointed to peer review panels for several major landfills and dams in New Zealand and internationally.
As an asset owner we can also assist you with expert support and advice in reviewing designs as your project progresses.

We have a good knowledge of guidelines and standards for buildings and dams in New Zealand and dams internationally, many of which we have also contributed to as authors and reviewers.

Please contact us today to discuss how we can help you with your project or case.