EGL has been involved with mining projects in New Zealand, Australia, New Caledonia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Philippines, Africa and Eastern Europe. Our clients range from small to large international mining corporations.
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EGL employs highly skilled and experienced staff, particularly in the area of earthquake design for embankments. The principals each have more than 30 years’ experience, including tailings storage facilities.

EGL has been responsible for the design of seven tailings dams in New Zealand with the largest capable of storing 43Mm3, which is currently 160m high.

EGL provides services for scoping and feasibility studies, geotechnical investigations, tailings characterisation and deposition modelling, as well as dam breach studies and the assessment of consequence categories. We also provide site-specific seismic hazard studies, liquefaction assessments and numerical modelling (including response to earthquake shaking assessment).

EGL works tirelessly on all projects to produce detailed designs; prepare plans, specs and contract documents; monitor construction advice given and certification; and to ensure dam safety management to include the development of operation, maintenance and surveillance plans.

We've proven ourselves an expert in the evaluation and interpretation of monitoring and surveillance data, preparation of emergency action plans, and the performance of dams and dam safety review. EGL has also provided forensic examination and been contracted to provide expert opinion and independent third party reviews.

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